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The book represents a major historic document, it is a first-person account by a hiroshima

resident who was in the city the date the atom bomb was dropped in 1945.

On Monday morning August 6, 1945, when the Enola Gay released the first atomic bomb above Hiroshima, Atsuhiro Ozaki was working at the local radio station less than 1,000 yards from the detonation point.

The Song of Hiroshima is Mr. Ozaki’s first-person account of what he did and what saw on August 6 and the next few days, and his reflections four years later.

Written in English, Mr. Ozaki wanted to share his experiences with the American people, yet his notebook lay undiscovered in a Port Washington, New York, attic for more than a half century. The publication of this book fulfills Atsuhiro Ozaki’s wish.

Atsuhiro Ozaki worked in the Program Section of the Hiroshima Central Broadcast Station, less than one kilometer from where the Atomic Bomb fell. Although thirty-five coworkers were killed, he survived uninjured as he was in a room protected by a thick wall.

Lost in an attic in Port Washington, New York, for more than one half century, The Song of Hiroshima describes his experiences of the next three days.